Yip-Yip Pro-Twelve Thinker

As much as the cover artwork might suggest Ben Kweller-esque pop, this is some crunchy lo-fi stuff from the Orlando-based duo of Brian Esser and Jason Temple. Similar in spots to Aphex Twin with distortion pedals, "Big Bass With Platinum Limbs” feels like it could turn into a fake *NSYNC track before going way off the rails. "High Heel to Mammal” is a nice boppy horn-driven number lasting all of a minute and a half. Most of the tracks here are pretty short. The hip-hop mash-up track "To Catch A Beef” would be the next P. Diddy single, if there was any justice in the world. All in all a nicely unpredictable (read: way leftfield) album that doesn’t overstay its welcome. Apparently their next release is going to be called Munch Much Mush, and you’ve got to love any band who have a title like that. (Strictly Amateur Films)