Tee-Tahs Denizen Hall, Edmonton AB, October 12

"We're making these up as we go along!" was something Tee-Tahs guitarist/vocalist Caity Fisher said during her band's set. Sure, it was obviously a joke, but you could totally imagine the Edmonton supergroup — also comprised of Jessica Jalbert, Ben Disaster and Jenni Roberts — running through their songs for the first time just like that.

The live experience at Denizen was something along those lines: an off-the-cuff performance that seemed fuelled by a healthy dose of attitude as much as it was by post-punk and garage. Their best moments made songs like "Slime" and "Rat Babe" come across as peppy and hilarious, yet they still retained a sense of bratty menace. It could be fun forever, sure, but only when it's done as effortlessly by a band like the Tee-Tahs.