SoHo Ghetto "Man Down" (video)

SoHo Ghetto 'Man Down' (video)
Coming off the recent release of SoHo Ghetto's debut LP, Thou or I or Both, the Halifax pop rock group are now singing their "Man Down" single from the rooftops in a new music video.

Directed by Dillon Garland, the video finds the band placed high above sea level, putting on display both the outfit stomping out their dark-but-poppy track and the scenic view of Halifax's harbours.

Garland said of the shoot, "It underscores the nature of this band: beautiful and painstakingly crafted songs and production springing up from a rough environment."

You can take a look at the Maritime sights down below.

Tour dates:

11/21 Toronto, ON - Lee's Palace
12/11 Halifax, NS - Casino NS