Sodom The Final Sign Of Evil

A collection of re-recorded tracks from German thrash metal mongers Sodom’s first EP, In The Sign Of Evil, The Final Sign Of Evil is a double-edged sword. Paying attention to the revisited tunes, the new versions of old favourites prove to be stronger in terms of production but not powerful enough to top the hungry, aggressive approach of the originals. This is not surprising, as such is usually the case when a band re-examines their early music. However, this edition is bolstered by seven bonus tracks written in the same era but never released. This is completely new territory that’s as exciting as finding money in your pockets. The music is "new” but still treads down the band’s early Destruction-meets-Venom style. Discerning fans have no previous versions to compare with and the end result is even and invigorating. The revisited tracks are passable but not mind-blowing, yet when packaged with new material that features the classic Sodom style and attack, The Final Sign Of Evil is both familiar and enticing. (SPV)