Scattered Clouds Return with 'Take Away Your Summer' Album

Watch a video for first single "Don't Question Me" now
Scattered Clouds Return with 'Take Away Your Summer' Album
Just over four years on from releasing their full-length debut The First Empire, Scattered Clouds have shared the details behind a follow-up.

Titled Take Away Your Summer, the latest from the experimental duo of Philippe Charbonneau and Jamie Kronick arrives June 27 through Boiled Records.

Nine tracks in length, Take Away Your Summer was written, recorded and produced by the duo in Hull, QC. The album was co-produced by Hilotrons' Michael John Dubue and was mastered by Philip Shaw Bova, with both making additional musical contributions alongside Lisa Iwanycki Moore and Pascal Delaquis.

Said to explore themes of political conspiracy, nihilism, post-capitalism and police brutality, Take Away Your Summer features the previously shared "Justice" and the new single "Don't Question Me," which you can watch a video for below.

"'Don't Question Me' is about breaking duality and embracing singularity," frontman Charbonneau explained in a statement. "With themes that focus on the micro-personal version of macro-collective experience, the song is about running when the voices in your head telling you to stay where you are and obey orders. The video is a familiar thriller arc inspired by Scorsese's Taxi Driver and Travis Bickle's descent into madness."

Take Away Your Summer is available for pre-order here.

Take Away Your Summer:

1. Justice
2. La politique, concours pseudo-érotique
3. Don't Question Me
4. Days On End
5. Broken Spirits
6. Hors-la-loi
7. Morning After
8. Danger!
9. Intruder

Tour dates:

07/06 Québec, QC - Festival OFF
07/12 Kingston, ON - 12Cat
07/13 Toronto, ON - Baby G
07/19 Montreal, QC - L'Escogriffe
07/20 Hull, QC - Minotaure