Puscifer "The Remedy" (video)

Puscifer 'The Remedy' (video)
As Tool get ready for a 2016 tour, frontman James Maynard Keenan is still devoting attention to his band Puscifer, who have shared a video for their Money Shot track "The Remedy."

While Puscifer are often known for their comedic theatricality, this clip is more moody and sad than it is funny. With a soundtrack of darkly atmospheric alt-rock, and we see the band perform while dramatically backlit inside of a wrestling ring. This is intercut with footage of an elderly gentleman flipping through an old scrapbook of photos from his wrestling days, and he ends the clip by donning his mask and cape once again.

Watch the video below [via Loudwire]. It was directed by the band along with Adam Rothlein.