Pangaea "Bone Sucka" / "Proxy"

Pangaea 'Bone Sucka' / 'Proxy'
"There is no more fruitful a strain of techno," proclaimed Philip Sherburne at the end of 2017. The strain in question is the UK-influenced sound coming from labels like Hessle Audio and Hemlock Recordings. Pangaea, a founding member of the former, has had a strong hand in building the label, and in turn the sound, to a sterling reputation that it enjoys today.
Real name Kevin McAuley, Pangaea returns to Hessle following an excellent pair of classic remixes on Hadal. In "Bone Sucka" / "Proxy," we are treated to two tracks that sit on opposite ends of the Hessle spectrum.
"Bone Sucka" begins replete with production trickery, where what would normally be a standard breakbeat is morphed into a rhythm section that seems to be escaping the stereo field. Upon gathering our senses, a bass line springs into existence, pushing the track into rave territory. This new identity is embraced, with searing synths and vocal samples that slot effectively into the groove. Truly, a functional tour-de-force.
"Proxy", forges a different route. Ominous gives way to structure, when the drifting synthesizers are interrupted by a straight percussive groove. Haphazardly strewn piano notes fall rhythmically within the four-to-the-floor backbone, giving us a techno track that is one of the more easily categorized of the Hessle discography.
While perhaps not as imaginative as his previous Hessle outing, In Drum Play, or as his entirely un-Googleable labelmates Bruce and Joe's outputs, "Bone Sucka" / "Proxy" has much to offer. What can easily be said is that both tracks will find a good home on any respectable dance floor, and that Hessle Audio still leaves us wishing for more than three records a year. (Hessle Audio)