Ola Podrida Ola Podrida

David Wingo, the backbone of Ola Podrida, makes his living as a film composer, most notably working with director David Gordon Green on All the Real Girls and George Washington. It’s not surprising then, that Ola Podrida’s debut hangs together like the score to a Southern tragedy. The album has all the elements of a great folk record: acoustic guitar, gentle vocals, backing female singers and a healthy dose of lyrics about drinking. "Instead” opens with an almost jaunty guitar riff that flows continuously throughout the song, along with sweeping drums, subtle horns and vocals. "Pour Me Another” makes obvious reference to the tried and true topic of drinking, with piano and vocals the only elements employed in this simple ode. The closing track, "Eastward,” is a sullen yet optimistic banjo-tinged track about moving on. With a record standing firmly in the world of Southern tragedy film scores, Wingo might just have the confidence to move on without the backing of visual stimuli.

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