Necking Announce Mint Records Debut 'Cut Your Teeth,' Share "Big Mouth"

Necking Announce Mint Records Debut 'Cut Your Teeth,' Share 'Big Mouth'
Vancouver quartet Necking have signed with Mint Records and announced their debut album Cut Your Teeth. For a taste of what's in store, you can hear the first single from the album "Big Mouth."

The song is a jaunty yet jagged post-punk anthem that offers a sardonic look at modern romance. "Can't make me cum so I made you leave," Hannah Karren sings. "It was way hotter in your memory."

Of the song, lyricist Melissa Kuipers offered the following statement:

"Big Mouth" is the dollar store version of "Our Lips are Sealed" by the Go-Go's covered by Hilary and Hailey Duff. It's about having a mediocre time with someone and them leaving convinced you're obsessed with them. This song is the brave face you put on after you've overshared and overstayed your welcome.

"Big Mouth" can be streamed below, while Mint will release Cut Your Teeth in its entirety on July 5. The album was recorded by Jesse Gander, and can be pre-ordered here.

Cut Your Teeth:

1. Big Mouth
2. No Playtime
3. Drag Me Out
4. Boss
5. Still Exist
6. Rover
7. Go Getter
8. Spare Me
9. Habbo Hotel