Morcheeba The Antidote

Their first album since the loss of singer Skye Edwards due to artistic differences and a departure from Warner to Echo Records, the Godfreys (Paul and Ross) return with new vocalist Daisy Martey to show that Morcheeba’s pioneering down-tempo sound is still as fresh as ever. Stating her intent from the opening line, Martey immediately proves to be the ideal replacement with a voice that is distinct enough from Edwards’ but lets the music retain the dynamics and style of the original trio. The orchestration continues the move of the previous four albums further away from mellow synths towards guitars, enough that they could record it all live. In an album full of hits, there is little to distinguish the outstanding tracks, though the electro solo that pans from speaker to speaker on the "Wonders Never Cease” and the warped banjo solo at the end of the last song are exceptional moments. No one could have imagined this kind of comeback from the loss of such a symbolic vocalist. (Echo)