Mich Cota "Nibi / Water" (video)

Mich Cota 'Nibi / Water' (video)
Montreal-based artist Mich Cota delivered her Kijà/Care before last year came to a close, and she's now looking back on the full-length with the arrival of a new video for "Nibi / Water."

Shot and edited by Jordan Minkoff, the clip was directed by Cota herself. She elaborated on the video's concept in a statement:

This video imagines the reclamation of indigenous identities as told through a mythological resurrection narrative.

Thoughtfulness and care may be neglected by those in pursuit of wealth.

It is possible for the collective resistance of tyranny to generate an impactful discernibility for those who have been pushed to the margins of our society.

Fundamental theology has named us 'savages' in denial of our identity. Historically, the notion of acceptance toward those in defiance of their hierarchy was spat out, as thought we were the ones poisoning nature.

What could a world without religious conflict and greed look like?

What could happen if we were to accept an end to our current paradigm, and embrace the possibility of beauty without colonial influence?

Watch the video for "Nibi / Water" in the player below. Kija/Care is out now through Egg Paper Factory.