Melvins 'A Walk with Love and Death' (album stream)

Melvins 'A Walk with Love and Death' (album stream)
It's hard to believe that in their storied career, Melvins have never issued a double album. That changes today with the arrival of A Walk with Love and Death, which you can hear right now.

Arriving through Ipecac Recordings, the album's Death side is "a proper Melvins release" while the Love side is a score to a short of the same name directed by Jesse Nieminen.

The two discs also include contributions from Joey Santiago (Pixies), Teri Gender Bender (Le Butcherettes/Crystal Fairy) and Anna Waronker (That Dog). Both discs were also produced by engineer Toshi Kosai.

Drummer Dale Crover previously described the record as "one giant, dark, moody, psychotic head trip! Not for the faint of heart. You'll sleep with the lights on after listening."

Take in A Walk with Love and Death below.