Maddie Jay Makes "Excuses" Sound Good in New Video

It's the first single from her upcoming 'CMYK' EP
Maddie Jay Makes 'Excuses' Sound Good in New Video
Procrastination may make you feel bad, but Maddie Jay makes it sound so good on her latest single. Written as the British Columbia-born, Los Angeles-based alt-popster was struggling to complete her forthcoming EP, CMYK, "Excuses" is out now as the EP's lead single.

"Excuses" is a woozy bedroom pop track that sets Jay's infinitely relatable lyrics to an infectious beat driven by arpeggiated synths. It kicks off with "Drawing on my hand with a ballpoint pen, pickin' a fight on the internet, microwave stops and I stay in bed, told myself to work but I scroll instead" and only gets more resonant from there.

Said Jay in a statement, "'Excuses' was written during a stint of writer's block and self-doubt at the end of working on my EP. I had tried to write over this beat for months, but could never get anything I liked. I was complaining to my sister about this, and we commiserated about how everyone around us seemed so productive and prolific. It felt kind of good to wallow in this self-pity, and I ended up writing this quite self-deprecating song about it all."

The new video, co-directed by Jay and Blob Lough, finds Jay putting off her tasks by complaining on Twitter, playing with her cat, staring wistfully out the car window and struggling to fry an egg. 

If you're looking to spend three minutes putting off whatever it is you need to do, there are worse things to do than check out Jay's "Excuses." Watch the video below, and keep scrolling for more information on CMYK.


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