Lil BUB's Ashes Are Getting Blasted into Space

Lil BUB's Ashes Are Getting Blasted into Space
After the internet's favourite and strangest cat, Lil BUB, died earlier this week from complications with a bone infection, her owner Mike Bridavsky has announced his plan to send her remains into outerspace.

According to TMZ, Bridavsky plans to partner with Purdue University to launch the late kitty's ashes into the stratosphere.

Their hope is that they can create a recurring day of memorial on which BUB's ashes will make one full rotation of Earth. On that day, fans of BUB can donate money toward her many animal welfare charities, for which over her lifetime she raised some $700,000 USD. 

Reportedly, BUB would be piggybacking off the commercial satellite programs to which Purdue's aerospace program has ties.

For the uninitiated, Bridavsky has long been spreading his truth about BUB — that she's been masquerading as cat for years, when in reality, she's actually an extraterrestrial being. Hopefully, Purdue and Bridavsky can accomplish their feat in order to send BUB home to her final resting place.

So far, no earthbound funeral has been planned for BUB. 

Watch BUB's final farewell video below.