​Liam Gallagher Really Misses Brother Noel in "One of Us" Video

The song comes from his new album 'Why Me? Why Not.'
​Liam Gallagher Really Misses Brother Noel in 'One of Us' Video
Liam Gallagher has unveiled a new video for "One of Us," and it's a rather depressing trek down memory lane.
He teamed up with Peaky Blinders creative team Steven Knight and Anthony Byrne for the clip, which looks back on his rocky relationship with older brother Noel and the rest of his family.
It sees Liam wandering through a field of family photographs in the present day, between a shots of his younger self and brothers.
It ends with three empty chairs on a beach, which can't be a good sign.
As previously reported, the song reflects on the Gallaghers' time as bandmates in Oasis, with Liam making his ongoing hope for a reunion clear.
Watch the video for "One of Us" below.
Liam's sophomore solo album Why Me? Why Not. is due out September 20 via Warner.