Liam Gallagher Admits to Never Using Spotify: "Ignorance Is Bliss"

The former Oasis frontman says he'd rather listen to music on his record player
Liam Gallagher Admits to Never Using Spotify: 'Ignorance Is Bliss'
Liam Gallagher has never used Spotify, nor does he ever plan to.

In conversation with Huffington Post, the former Oasis frontman admitted that not only does he refuse to use the streaming service, he doesn't even know how to use it.

"I stay away from that," Gallagher told the publication. "I don't think I've ever used Spotify once in my life and I don't think I intend to either. I don't even know how to use it. I don't have a clue."

Despite Oasis rising to fame during the CD era, Gallagher prefers to keep things analogue — by sticking with vinyl.

"Part of it is, ignorance is bliss," he said. "All these new ways to listen to music have gone way over my head, and I'm quite happy with it. Call it that I'm stuck in the '90s. I listen to tunes on the record player."

But as far as Gallagher is concerned, he's happy keeping things simple, saying that "a lot of people think I'm stuck in the '90s. Well, I obviously am."

He continued, "I don't mind about that. I'm certainly not desperate to run away from the sound that made me who I am."