Kreayshawn "Go Hard (La.La.La.)" (video)

Kreayshawn 'Go Hard (La.La.La.)' (video)
East Bay rapper Kreayshawn previously teased her upcoming major label debut Somethin' Bout Kreay with the icy meal replacement "Breakfast," but the spitter speeds things up significantly on bouncy new number "Go Hard (La.La.La.)" The pumped-up pop-rap jam has a fittingly chaotic neon nightmare of a video, and you can catch it now.

Over a synth-and-808 arrangement that sounds something like OMD being cribbed by Tag Team, Kreay raps about lifting her stepdad's credit card and getting wild with her White Girl Mob. The cartoony visuals have her and her crew doing some two-stepping with a warthog and a giraffe at the nearest furry convention, and riding around in an animated, Big Daddy Roth-style speedster.

Check it out for yourself below.

As previously reported, Somethin' Bout Kreay drops August 14 through Columbia.