KISS Are Playing an Underwater Concert for Sharks

KISS Are Playing an Underwater Concert for Sharks
KISS will be heading down under to Australia next month, but they're taking things even further and deeper by performing for fans that actually live underwater.
The concert is a unique experience offered through Airbnb Animal Experiences, which aims to provide entertainment by humans for animals, rather than vice versa — and in this case, that means great white sharks.
KISS themselves won't be underwater, but they will be in full makeup and costume on a boat above the surface with a select few lucky human fans also aboard the glass bottom boat.
Aquatic life surrounding the boat are also welcome to attend — and according to frontman Paul Stanley, sharks are attracted to low frequency vibrations, making rock'n'roll music particularly appealing to them.
The finned fans will experience the concert through underwater speakers.
The event will take place on November 18 in the Indian Ocean, near Port Lincoln in Australia.
See the full Airbnb experience listing here. Tickets for the experience go on sale October 14.