Jungle Hit Us Up with "Beat 54 (All Good Now)"

It's our latest glimpse of the UK group's new album 'For Ever'
Jungle Hit Us Up with 'Beat 54 (All Good Now)'
UK soul collective Jungle are only days away from releasing their new album For Ever, but they are delivering another last-minute teaser. This time it's the new album track "Beat 54 (All Good Now)."

Down below, you can dive into Jungle's latest teaser. It comes in the wake of the previously shared album tracks "Happy Man," "House in LA," "Cherry" and "Heavy, California."

As a press release explains, "'Beat 54 (All Good Now)' is a perfect distillation of Jungle's sound — the kind of escapist, anthemic, mercurial funk that made us all fall in love with the band the first time round but this time more expansive, sophisticated and cinematic than ever before."

Listen to the song for yourself below.

For Ever will arrive on Friday (September 14) via XL Recordings. The LP follows their 2014 self-titled debut album.