Jack White and Jack Black Finally Hung Out

Jack Grey?
Jack White and Jack Black Finally Hung Out
If Jack White and Jack Black hung out together, would they create Jack Grey?

That's a popular, wildly overused joke among rock fans, but now it's finally come to fruition. Jack White recently met up with Jack Black's comedy duo Tenacious D, and the two Jacks naturally took the opportunity for a photo-op. Tenacious D posted the photo on Instagram with the caption "We hired a new merch guy." That's a photo of the Jack-off up above.

It's unclear exactly where the Jacks met up. Tenacious D are currently touring in Europe in support of their album and animated series Post-Apocalypto, while White is gearing up for a North American tour with his band the Raconteurs in support of the forthcoming LP Help Us Stranger.

The "Jack Grey" joke has been floating around the internet for years. Last year, Third Man Records gave a rundown of all the most clichéd Jack White jokes, including, "If Jack White and Jack Black form a band and/or have a baby it will be called 'Jack Grey.'"

It's unclear to what extent White and Black have ever crossed paths before this. Many years ago, the pair were the subject of an episode of MTV's animated Celebrity Deathmatch.

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