J Mascis Unveils Heavy Blanket LP

J Mascis Unveils Heavy Blanket LP
J Mascis may be in the midst of laying down tracks for a new Dinosaur Jr LP, but before the multi-tasking guitar god delivers that set, he'll offer up a debut album from a band he reportedly started almost 30 years ago called Heavy Blanket.

A hefty post on the musician's website explains that the band will deliver a self-titled, six-song set of "blistering psych-drenched instrumental blues jams" on May 8 via Outer Battery Records. It will be available on CD and LP, with a limited run of 200 platters being pressed on purple vinyl.

According to the statement, Mascis formed Heavy Blanket in 1984 when he began to get bored playing drums with speedy hardcore unit Deep Wound. Aiming to "to slow things down and turn the volume way, way up," Mascis teamed up with local stoners Johnny Pancake and Pete Cougar, who reportedly had been kicked out of a marching band for smoking weed out of a tuba.

The group wrote six instrumental tunes, but split up after Pancake reportedly almost drowned in Vermont. After running into each other in 2011, the band decided to reconvene and lay down their old tunes.

You can get a sample of the sonics down below via a teaser clip of "Dr. Marten's Blues."

Heavy Blanket:

1. Galloping Toward the Unknown

2. Spit in the Eye

3. Blockheads

4. Corpuscle Through Time

5. Dr Marten's Blues

6. No Telling No Trails

Heavy Blanket - Dr Marten's Blues from Outer Battery Records on Vimeo.