d'Eon Foxconn / Trios

d'Eon Foxconn / Trios
Multi-talented Montrealer d'Eon is at it again — or should we say was at it, and is just telling us now. Foxconn / Trios was recorded back in 2012, around the same time as the Music For Keyboards series, but that's about as far as the similarities go.
Where Music For Keyboards offered warm ambience, Foxconn / Trios ripples with blistering sonic chicanery. It's a record that has all the break-neck speed of footwork, but in lieu of tightly cut vocals, d'Eon coats these tracks in a kind of celestial sheen, which serves as a very necessary parachute in slowing down these speedy juggernauts.
At times it's almost too much, with tracks like "Sobha Renaissance Information I" and "Datamatics Global Services II" coming off as completely jarring. Yet, you can acclimatize to these tracks surprisingly quickly if you've done your homework; Foxconn / Trios is the type of release that really demands knowledge of the styles that precede it. Any dawdling electronic music fans that stumble into these waters may very well get pummelled back to shore in no time at all. In short, this is esoteric stuff.
The fact that this was recorded in 2012 is telling; that was a time when footwork and juke had properly emerged from Chicago and were firmly on the musical world map, thanks to labels like Planet Mu and Hyperdub. Considering the fact that Foxconn / Trios is so similar to those genres, just on a different plane, perhaps d'Eon didn't want to seem as if they were trying to infiltrate those in-the-now styles, or maybe they just didn't think anyone was ready for this.
Whatever the reason, listening to Foxconn / Trios in full, one can't help but ask: Have we arrived at post-juke already? (Knives)