Danzig on Misfits Reunion Shows: "There's Not Gonna Be Many More of Them"

Danzig on Misfits Reunion Shows: 'There's Not Gonna Be Many More of Them'
Last week, it was reported that Glenn Danzig only reunited with the Misfits due to legal reasons, with court documents revealing the band plan to "perform no fewer than ten (10) Misfits reunion shows." Now, Danzig has all but confirmed that the reunion won't run beyond the legal requirements.

Having already performed and/or announced nine reunion dates total, Danzig confirmed to radio host Full Metal Jackie [via Loudwire] that an extension of the itinerary is highly unlikely.

Speaking of future plans, Danzig said the following:

With the Misfits thing, we just kind of got back together and just decided we'd do it here or there, and just not make it a grind kind of tour. We just want to make each event special. We're not gonna do many more. I know we just announced Seattle and Denver, but I'm pretty sure there's not gonna be many more of them.

So people should see it while they can because I know next year I go out with Danzig again for Europe and may do some dates here in the States. I gotta do a
Danzig Sings Elvis thing — select shows maybe around the country. Those will be more special. There's no seating. It's all tables. It's gonna be a very cool kind of old-school vibe. This year I've got some time off in between working on the movie, so we decided to do a couple extra shows. Then, that'll be it I think for a while.

The Misfits' upcoming Seattle show on September 14 would effectively mark the band's 10th reunion concert since getting back together in 2016. That date comes after performances in Denver and Oakland on September 7 and 11, respectively.