Creed Drummer Says Reunion Is a "Possibility Down the Road"

Creed Drummer Says Reunion Is a 'Possibility Down the Road'
We all know this year has been a major letdown in more than a few ways, but at long last, there is a silver lining amid the storm because now, years following their indefinite hiatus, Creed are thinking about getting back together.

Rumours circulated about the band's return after they updated their social media accounts earlier this year, and now, Alter Bridge member and former Creed drummer Scott Phillips has teased the possibility of a reunion in an interview with Audio Ink Radio.

"There's always talk every now and then of the possibility of us getting back together and doing some stuff," Phillips said. "We're all in a good spot right now where we feel like we have a good relationship amongst the four of us."

He continued: "Obviously, Mark and Brian and I are in [Alter Bridge] together. But Scott seems to be doing really, really well. There's some dialogue."

Phillips went on to explain that though Creed have been on hiatus since 2012, they all still keep in touch and manage to catch up on birthdays and holidays.

"So, there has been some chatter, and there's no specific timetable for anything or no specific plans, but it's a possibility down the road," he said. "We'll just kind of let it play out naturally and see what happens."

Just last summer, Creed treated their 2001 album Human Clay to a vinyl reissue.

Listen to Phillips' interview below.