​Casper Skulls "Love Brain" on Exclaim! TV

​Casper Skulls 'Love Brain' on Exclaim! TV
Following their self-released seven-inch "King of Gold" in 2015, noisy Toronto indie rock band Casper Skulls put out their loud and catchy debut EP, Lips & Skull, last month. They released a video for "Love Brain" back in October, and we caught up with them in Toronto for a live version of the track.
In the Toronto Rehearsal Studios, Casper Skulls pull off grunge-y punk track "Love Brain" nicely, performing with increasing urgency until Melanie Gail St-Pierre's breathy vocals begin winding down she repeats, "Say I've got the love brain."
Watch the full performance of "Love Brain" below.

Filmed and edited by Katherine Kwan
Audio by Kyle Laurin
Filmed at Toronto Rehearsal Studios (500 Keele Street) in Toronto, ON

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