Cam Smith "Turbo" (tutorial video)

Cam Smith 'Turbo' (tutorial video)
Maritime MC Cam Smith just released his single "Turbo," and aspiring producers interested in learning how he made the track can get a tutorial from the man himself thanks to a new how-to video.

In the clip, Smith takes viewers on a tour of his home studio, shows off his favourite gear and explains about Daft Punk's favourite compressors. He then breaks down "Turbo," showing all of the programs, samples, pre-sets and personal tweaks he used to create the sounds.

Smith also made all of the sounds from the song (plus the project file) available for free in a convenient zip folder, and he encourages producers to alter them to their liking and send him the results.

Check out the tutorial clip below, and watch the music video for "Turbo" here.