Cam Smith "Turbo" (ft. XXX CLVR) (video)

Cam Smith 'Turbo' (ft. XXX CLVR) (video)
Haligonian MC Cam Smith recently got turbo off of some wish stones, and thankfully the cameras were rolling. You'll find the rapper's tripped-out adventuring in the new video for his "Turbo" single.

After some pill-popping in a haunted castle, we find Smith transported into all sorts off odd ball scenarios, from running away from a field of scaly, long-limbed Jurassic Park inhabitants to kicking it with Might Morphin' Power Rangers robot Megazord to smearing cake on his face down at the arcade. XXX CLVR delivers bars too, up until the point his head explodes.

You'll see what me mean down below.