​Burton Cummings Recovering from Injuries After "Very Bad" Car Crash

​Burton Cummings Recovering from Injuries After 'Very Bad' Car Crash
Burton Cummings has revealed he is currently recovering from injuries sustained in a car accident on Sunday (May 13) in Los Angeles.
In a string of Facebook posts, the former Guess Who frontman explained that a driver ran a red light and hit his vehicle. He also shared photos of the aftermath.
"My car is totalled," he wrote. "I suffered a concussion as my head cracked my front windshield. I have cuts and serious bruising on both arms, and my left leg is very painful. Also, intense back pain. I need some serious healing time and won't be able to fly right away."
He continued, "I'm in a lot of physical pain today. I'm trying to focus on just how lucky I am not to have been killed or crippled. My hands and throat are basically okay, although I would be in no condition to do a show right now. No glass hit my eyes, but the concussion was quite serious. My head is quite swollen, as is my left elbow…both arms have many cuts and bruises..."
In addition to the physical pain, Cummings detailed the trauma of "reliving the crash."
"I've always been extremely wary of shrinks and therapists, but now, at 70, after this accident, I know I'm going to have to get some help getting over the shock," he wrote. "That's the worst part right now…trying to keep telling myself that I'm okay…my mind keeps reliving the awful crash…the terror and the sound."
He also lamented the fact that he may be unable to make it to the Winnipeg Jets' semi-finals run to sing the national anthems as scheduled and insinuated he won't be spending much time on social media in the future.
Read his full posts about the horrifying car crash below. Note that some of the photos show the sustained injuries and may be disturbing to some readers.