Black Moth Super Rainbow Dandelion Gum

Black Moth Super Rainbow make music for the future — the future the world imagined back in 1965 where people drove electric cars, the moon was inhabitable and everything was made out of plastic. The vocals are distorted, almost out of synch with the mandolin and analog keys. A fair amount of this album, the band’s fourth full-length, has dark undertones that are mixed with an optimistic pop sensibility. This is where the ’60s future comes in — it has a peaceful, "everything will work out’” quality. "Lollipopsicord,” a brilliant name for a song, encapsulates everything Dandelion Gum achieves: ’60s style keyboards, turntable beats, disembodied, poppy vocals and an odd drilling sound. "When The Sun Grows On Your Tongue” progresses out of spacey keyboards into an electro build-up with distorted vocals. Black Moth grind every track on this album through a time warp and distortion to create a near-perfect sound for a once near-perfect future. (Graveface)