Aerosmith's Old Touring Van Found in the Woods

The 1964 Harvester Metro was hidden away in Massachusetts
Aerosmith's Old Touring Van Found in the Woods
At this point, yelpy classic rockers Aerosmith are set on playing stadiums full of, well, yelpy classic rock fans. But that wasn't always the case. Like a DIY punk band, the band use to cruise around the country in a small van. In fact, their '70s tour rig has been recently uncovered and in quite the unlikely place

According to the Associated Press, the band's dilapidated 1964 International Harvester Metro was discovered in the woods of some property in Chesterfield, MA. 

The property owner said the van was there when he purchased the land from someone who was connected to Aerosmith. Founding member Ray Tabano confirmed that it once belonged to the band.

If you're hoping to nab it for your east coast tour, however, you're out of luck. The van has since been purchased by American Pickers hosts Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz. They paid $25,000 USD for it.