A Perfect Circle "The Contrarian" (2D version) (video)

A Perfect Circle 'The Contrarian' (2D version) (video)
After sharing the 2D video for "TalkTalk" ahead of the "hologram album" version of Eat the Elephant, A Perfect Circle have now done the same for "The Contrarian."

Like the "TalkTalk" visuals, the video comes from a 58-minute visual recreation of the entire LP, created by documentarian Steven Sebring. It follows Eat the Elephant's 12-track arc through the eyes of a young girl.

To view the "hologram" upon the deluxe edition's release, listeners will need to download a smartphone app and place a prism over their screen.

You can find further details on Eat the Elephant's deluxe edition here and watch the 2D version of "The Contrarian" down below.