Woody Harrelson and Kevin Hart Apologize for Mispronouncing "Toronto"

The hard "T" is everywhere in 'The Man from Toronto'
Woody Harrelson and Kevin Hart Apologize for Mispronouncing 'Toronto'
Photo courtesy of Netflix
The Man from Toronto may be a total flop, but at least its stars are sorry about one thing: Woody Harrelson and Kevin Hart have apologized to all of Toronto for not pronouncing the city's name the way (most) locals do. How appropriately Canadian!

In an interview with the Ottawa Sun, the pair called in from Europe to offer their regrets, while explaining how the hard "T" pronunciation — instead of the more commonly used "Churrono," "Tronno" or "Turonno" — came to be included in the movie.

"You gotta remember, I'm not from Toronto. If you're from Toronto, of course you have an understanding of how it's supposed to be said," Hart began. Research, anyone?

He elaborated:

It's the name of Woody's hitman character and all of the people who are referring to him are not from Toronto. He's a world-renowned hitman and the legend of his killings has grown over the years and throughout his career. So, you got to think, everyone was pronouncing it that way — the Man From Miami, the Man from Wichita — it was all over. Everyone is saying Toe-RON-toe because they're from all over the place.

Nevertheless, the pair concluded that they were sorry for the cultural faux-pass, with Harrelson adding that he has loved spending time in Toronto in the past, performing plays and participating in a yoga session in Queen's Park.

"Any time it's mispronounced to Torontonians, we apologize," he said. (Ottawa Sun failed to mention how the pair were pronouncing Toronto in the interview, but let's assume they finally got the memo.)

Revisit the trailer for The Man from Toronto below, and try not to cringe at all the Toe-RON-toe-ing — save for one near the beginning.

If you want to actually watch the film, it's out on Netflix today.