Movie Theatre Evacuated over Mysterious Package of Piss

Thankfully, they didn't mix it up with their free butter substitute
Movie Theatre Evacuated over Mysterious Package of Piss
Thanks to bloated runtimes and increasingly large soda sizes, urine is an ongoing concern at the movies. But usually the fear is that one will have to leave the cinema to take a leak. The problem was flipped around a little when a Washington theatre was evacuated over a box of pee this weekend.

According to NBC, a Seattle area movie theatre was evacuated on Friday (November 29) after receiving a leaking package of bodily fluids. 

The North Bend Theatre in North Bend, WA, received a package that was labelled as including a "highly contagious human substance," which was leaking through its box. Hazmat teams were called to the scene, where they soon determined it was a box of piss.

The peepee package had apparently been intended for a clinic in Tacoma, some 40 miles away from the North Bend Theatre. The theatre manager was taken to a hospital as a precaution, but he did not sustain injuries as a result of the incident, nor did any moviegoers.

How the box of piss wound up at the movie theatre is unclear, but cinemagoers should be thankful that the staff didn't mistake it for their popcorn's free butter substitute.