Louis Theroux Returns with New Retrospective Series 'Life on the Edge'

The upcoming BBC show will focus on past subjects with unseen archival footage and new interviews
Louis Theroux Returns with New Retrospective Series 'Life on the Edge'
Documentary master Louis Theroux is returning with a new series for BBC Two. Theroux has revealed he will be treating us to Life on the Edge, which will look back on his own decades-long career with unseen footage and new interviews from past subjects.

"For years I've wanted to go back and make sense of the programs I've made, find out what happened to some of the contributors, update their stories, and see what all these many hours of making TV might add up to," Theroux said in a statement.

Over 25 years of documentary filmmaking, subjects have ranged from Tiger King Joe Exotic to porn stars to prison inmates to UFO cults and individuals fighting various forms of addiction.

The upcoming project will find Theroux putting together four hour-long episodes under the Life on the Edge banner, and it follows his recent retrospective book Gotta Get Theroux This, which arrived last year.

"Lockdown gave me the time and space to do this. It's been a strange and fascinating couple of months working on this, and especially fun to dig through old episodes of Weird Weekends – programs I made in the mid-90s, when the world was a very different place," Theroux said. "I'm really proud of what we've been able to do with this new series. I think we've been able to make the whole add up to more than the sum of the parts and to bring out surprising themes and commonalities.

"And, if nothing else, it was an interesting review of how my haircuts and glasses have changed over the years."

During lockdown, Theroux has also released his first podcast, Grounded with Louis Theroux.

As of yet, a premiere date for Life on the Edge has yet to be revealed.