Kevin Smith's Real-Life Mooby's Is Heading to Vancouver

After a successful launch of the restaurant north of the border in Toronto, the fast-food pop-up is heading west
Kevin Smith's Real-Life Mooby's Is Heading to Vancouver
Kevin Smith's 1999 film Dogma featured a fictional restaurant called Mooby's, and last spring, the burger joint became a real-life popup in L.A. Later, Smith brought the beef to Toronto's west end and now, the filmmaker/restaurateur has announced plans to start slinging burgers in Vancouver.

In a new video, the director shared his plans to return to the city where he attended film school to launch a pop-up of the fast-food spot, sharing that the Vancouver iteration of Mooby's is expected to open sometime in March.

UPDATE (2/17, 3:30 p.m.): It's now been announced Mooby's will open on March 8 in Vancouver. It will be housed at 670 Smithe St. (Dublin Calling). Starting on February 18, you can place pre-orders for delivery through SkipTheDishes.

"We're now moving out to the West Coast of Canada, my alma mater, Vancouver Film School — that's where they are, that's where Mooby's is going," Smith said. "Well, not to the Vancouver Film School, but to the same city. We'll be there in March."

If the latest pop-up is anything like its Toronto counterpart, you can expect Smith's team to "replicate the restaurant fans have come to know and love" with a menu featuring Mooby's signature dishes: the Cow Tipper and Hater Totz, as well as the restaurant's vegan alternative, the Beyond Cow Tipper.

See Smith's announcement below, where you can also refresh your Mooby's memory with a clip of Ben Affleck and Matt Damon massacring the Mooby's board in Dogma.