Kevin Smith Is Selling His New Horror Movie as an NFT

He's also launched something called Jay and Silent Bob's Crypto Studio
Kevin Smith Is Selling His New Horror Movie as an NFT
Kevin Smith is always tinkering away with something, so it should come as no surprise that he's getting in on the NFT train. In fact, his next movie Kilroy Is Here will arrive as an NFT.

Specifically, the owner of the NFT will have the rights to exhibit, distribute and stream the work as they see fit. In other words, it will mean added income outside of the blockchain.

Speaking with Deadline, Smith explained what drew him to the new tech. "As an indie artist, I'm always looking for a new platform through which to tell a story," he said. "And crypto has the potential to provide that, while also intersecting with our almost 25 years of experience selling real world collectibles online and at the brick-and-mortar Jay and Silent Bob's Secret Stash. Back in 1994, we took Clerks up to Sundance and sold it."

He continued: "Selling Killroy as an NFT feels very similar: whoever buys it could choose to monetize it traditionally, or simply own a film that nobody ever sees but them. We're not trying to raise financing by selling NFT's for a Killroy movie; the completed Killroy movie IS the NFT. And If this works, we suddenly have a new stage on which I and other, better artists than me can tell our stories."

That's not all. The duo have also launched Jay and Silent Bob's Crypto Studio, which is exactly what it sounds — a crypto gallery where fans can purchase specific NFTs of the duo's work. Check it out here.