Jamie Lynn Spears Blames Elon Musk for Killing Her Cats

"You owe me a couple cats"
Jamie Lynn Spears Blames Elon Musk for Killing Her Cats
Britney Spears' younger sister Jamie Lynn Spears has called Elon Musk "a secret cat-killer" after her pets were killed in incidents involving the Tesla CEO's electric cars.

In a since-deleted Instagram post, the actor claimed her cats were struck by the cars because they run so quietly that you can't hear them coming.

"We have now lost — I don't want to tell you how many cats — because they don't hear the Tesla crank and unfortunate things happen and it's really devastating and tragic for everyone involved," she said. "Elon Musk, let's figure this out. You owe me a couple cats."

Spears suggested that the quiet electric cars should be manufactured to emit noise while operating so animals — as well as other people — "aren't caught off guard and things don't end in a very tragic way."

As it turns out, in September the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration mandated that new electric cars must emit sounds of at least 43 decibels when travelling at speeds less than 29.9 kilometres per hour, in order to help visually impaired people and other pedestrians stay safe.

After Spears' critique received some backlash over the weekend, she posted a follow-up in another since-deleted post: "1.) I did not run over any cats. 2.) TESLA is not to be blamed, and was never intended to be 3.) user error is admittedly involved. 4.) we always check for animals before moving a vehicle. 5.) I was only making a suggestion about something I think would be extremely helpful, and the geniuses at @teslamotors are the best to go."