Billy Corgan Responds to Smash Mouth's 'Shrek' Soundtrack Claim: "Don't Care, Won't Care — Facts Are Facts"

Billy Corgan Responds to Smash Mouth's 'Shrek' Soundtrack Claim: 'Don't Care, Won't Care — Facts Are Facts'
Did you really think you'd be able to enter a new workweek without revisiting the now legendary Smash Mouth/Smashing Pumpkins Shrek feud? Think again, chump. The ongoing cold war about which smash-themed alt-rock band were first asked to perform on the film's soundtrack continues, as Billy Corgan has finally responded to Smash Mouth's claims.

Lest you forget, last week Corgan said he was asked to contribute music to the animated ogre opus before Smash Mouth, who are now synonymous with the franchise. Refusing to let their thunder be stolen, San Jose's finest post-ska ensemble responded, saying that the Shrek OST claims were simply Billy feeding his own "ego." "Def would have been a darker approach," they added.

Smash Mouth (or whoever wrestled the band's Twitter account away from frontman Steve Harwell) have since claimed that they recognize Billy Corgan's stature as an alt-rock master, adding that they "don't have a beef with him nor does he care."
While Smash Mouth may not be looking for a fight, however, they were wrong to assume that Billy doesn't care. Instead, the Pumpkins' frontman doubled down on his claims that he was asked to do the soundtrack before Smash Mouth. He added that he already told them this anecdote some 16 years ago, and that he was shown an early cut of the film before it was even animated.

You can see Corgan's latest Instagram posts about the great Shrek debate below.

Will this ever be resolved? And, more importantly, why is being asked to appear on the Shrek soundtrack first such a coveted symbol of alt-rock status?