Colin Quinn Unconstitutional

Colin Quinn Unconstitutional
"Four pages — that's how long the constitution is," begins former SNL "Weekend Update" veteran Colin Quinn. In what initially began as a one-man-show in New York, Quinn uses the Constitution to get to the root of why he believes America is on the brink of breaking up in this 2015 special, Unconstitutional.
Standing in front of a backdrop of the founding fathers, Quinn goes through the amendments and articles and suggests present-day America's relationship with freedom of speech, religion, race and class can all be traced back to the Constitution.
For example, the founding fathers created the Senate, and now when the public disagrees with something, "Rich people get to say, 'This is unacceptable; I'm gonna call my senator.' Middle class people are like, 'This is bullshit; I'm gonna email my congressman's assistant.' And poor people go, 'This is fucked up; I'm gonna yell at the TV and see what happens.'"
While some observations may be oversimplified, such as a comparing America to a bar (one that was once flirtatious and generous and is now a gambling bar that only cares about money), he makes the issues and the historical document accessible and digestible in his 50-plus minutes.
As someone who describes himself in the middle of the political spectrum — he's "pro-gun, pro-choice, pro-death penalty, pro-gay marriage" — Quinn takes on a range of problems that frustrate the right and left alike, including the media's inability to report the news and the NRA's suggestion to arm teachers, with lightning fast delivery.
As the special winds down, Quinn even proposes a solution to the country's impending divorce lies with The Great White North — much to the chagrin of an audience member who boos at the mere mention of Canada — acting as a mediator.
His social commentary isn't necessarily laugh-out-loud funny and a lull hits before his well-thought-out ending, but Quinn's insightful and humorous observations serve as a reminder, perhaps now more than ever, that America's divisiveness doesn't have to last forever.

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