Subhumans UK Touching Down in Ontario, Quebec

Subhumans UK Touching Down in Ontario, Quebec
A little lesson for the uninitiated: Anarcho-punk is a faction of punk subculture. It's best described as consisting of bands, groups and individuals promoting anarchist politics.

They don't, however, always promote things like showers or clothing without more patches than original material. The guys running squeegees across your car windshield at stoplights - generally leaving it dirtier than when they started - like to fancy themselves anarcho-punks because of their like-minded aversion to cleanliness, forgetting that anarchy means being proactive politically, not just in terms of raising enough money for beer that night.

This smarmy precursor is really just a way to let all of the aforementioned know that Subhumans UK will be coming to Quebec and Ontario for inspiring political debates set to overbearing three-chord ditties in June and July. It presumes they have access to computers while pilfering glass cleaning products from gas stations.

One word of caution though. Please do not confuse the UK version of Subhumans with Canada's (hence the lack of "UK" in their name). These guys are the ones who started in Wiltshire, England, around 1980 and released albums on Bluurg Records.. The Canadian dudes are from Vancouver, predated them by two years and are more of a classic punk rock sound, as opposed to SUK's more hardcore approach. They haven't done squat since 2005 though.

Speaking of, how the hell did two bands come up with the ingenious name Subhumans in the first place?

Subhumans UK Canadian tour:
6/28 Montreal, QC -€“ Foufounes Electriques
6/29 Trois Rivieres, QC -€“ Le Complex
6/30 Quebec City, QC -€“ Casbah
7/1 St. Hyacinthe, QC -€“ Le Trash
7/3 Toronto, ON -€“ Reverb
7/4 London, ON -€“ TBA