Donald Trump Just Shared a Nickelback Meme on Twitter

Donald Trump Just Shared a Nickelback Meme on Twitter
There are times where commenting on the absurdity of modern life feels a little cliché, and then there are times where we really should sit down for a second and consider just how ridiculous 2019 is. Today certainly falls into the latter category, as the reality TV star turned leader of the free world, President Donald Trump, just shared a Nickelback meme on Twitter.

Earlier today, Trump took to Twitter to point out some supposed hypocrisy in possible Democrat candidate Joe Biden's past. Specifically, the scenario is regarding a question as to whether or not Joe has been involved in his son Hunter Biden's dealings with the Ukraine.

In the video shared by Trump, Biden says, "I've never spoken to my son about his overseas business dealings."

Then, just like that, noodle-hair-era Chad Kroeger appears to belt out "Look at this photograph." In an edit of the song's video, he's holding up a photo of Joe and Hunter Biden golfing with someone that has been labelled as a "Ukraine oil exec."

Just to make sure we're not hallucinating and imagining all of this, you can view the video below. Is life even real?