Petunia & the Vipers Petunia & the Vipers

Remember when Quentin Tarantino announced last year that he's working on a spaghetti western? Well, if Mr. Tarantino reads this, I highly suggest he give Petunia and the Vipers' self-titled release a listen because it's a collection of songs so cinematic, so Americana and so instantly classic that it's made just for him. And you too! The album is obviously the work of a group of well-seasoned musicians. Guitarist Stephen Nickleva has been playing in a variety of bands for years and lap steel guitarist Jimmy Roy has been called by rockabilly great Ray Condo "a scholar of hillbilly sound." The album weaves comfortably through a variety of genres. From the gorgeous, yodel-infused "The Cricket Song" to the frenetic rockabilly of "Maybe Baby Amy" to Spanish ballads "Bright Light" and "CHE (Guevara's Diary)" to the WWII-era swing of "Yes Baby Yes," this release never ceases to delight. Let Petunia and the Vipers take you on a journey through American history. You won't regret it. (Independent)