​Marissa Burwell Premieres New Single "Scaredy Cat"

​Marissa Burwell Premieres New Single "Scaredy Cat"
Saskatchewan singer-songwriter Marissa Burwell released her debut EP earlier this year, but she's already back with another brand new song called "Scaredy Cat."
As the title implies, the song was written during a period when Burwell was feeling particularly vulnerable and fearful.
"It's a song that I wrote when I was having terrible nightmares about intruders and was scared of anything that moved around me," she tells Exclaim! "I wrote it kind of as a coping mechanism... like most of the songs I write."
Although Burwell's previous material was mostly acoustic, "Scaredy Cat" hears her backed by a band made up of members of Surf Dads and Madison Nicol. It was recorded at Grind Central Studio in Regina.
Listen to "Scaredy Cat" below.
Tour dates:
07/26 Bengough, SK – Gateway Festival
09/06-08 Regina, SK - Swampfest