Girl Band "Pears for Lunch" (video)

Girl Band 'Pears for Lunch' (video)
All-male Irish noisemaking unit Girl Band will unveil their debut album Holding Hands with Jamie on September 25 via Rough Trade, but before the record arrives, the group have shared a brand new clip for "Pears for Lunch."
On the surface, the video follows around a good-natured guy with a TV for a head, but there's more at work here.
"In a way the Pears video continues a theme from 'Paul,' the idea of wearing one face that is at odds to how you actually feel," said director Bob Gallagher in a statement. "In this case it's more about aspiration towards a paradigm of self improvement or fulfillment. There's this idea that if you present an image of yourself that people buy into, you might actually become that person. There's an honesty to the song that's very stark, and it's a refreshing when most of the time we're just presenting the best possible versions of ourselves to everyone around us."
That sentiment manifests itself in a protagonist that expresses himself through ads, idealistic stock footage and, of course, shots of the band performing — suggesting that maybe he's a rather shallow, consumeristic dude. "He's kind of liar in that regard," said Gallagher. "But so are the rest of us a lot of the time."
Girl Band will hit Canada on their upcoming North American tour, but before you catch them live, check out the video for "Pears for Lunch" in the player below.