Billy Talent Give Self-Titled Debut Expanded Reissue for 10th Anniversary

Billy Talent Give Self-Titled Debut Expanded Reissue for 10th Anniversary
Billy Talent recently celebrated the 10th anniversary of their self-titled debut album by hitting the road in Canada for their "A Return to the Roots Tour." Now, the band have announced plans to reissue the album in deluxe form.

The LP originally came out back in 2003, and the reissue is due to arrive on November 26 through Warner. This 10th Anniversary Edition will include the original album on the first disc, plus a second disc of extra cuts. Interestingly, this bonus disc will include the same songs in the same sequence, but the versions will be demos, concert recordings and live in-studio sessions. There will also be a 16-page booklet with a forward penned by Alexisonfire's George Pettit.

In a statement, Billy Talent guitarist Ian D'Sa had this to say about the reissue:

It's been quite the journey for us since recording this album over a decade ago in Vancouver with producer Gavin Brown. While listening through many old recordings looking for material to compile this bonus disc, I couldn't help but be transported back to that time when we were just four twenty-something kids trying to make an impact on the local music scene. A time when we had already spent a better part of a decade as a band together, and were now feverishly writing and rehearsing every day at our cramped rehearsal space in Toronto. Those days would lead to the record that would not only put us on the map internationally, but define our sound as a band and our vision as artists. 

Searching through all our old collections, we were ecstatic to not only find a handful of previously unreleased demos recorded years before the album was released, but also some great live and live-studio versions from the years to follow. We enjoyed these so much that we've included these recordings as a bonus disc in this album reissue. I hope you will enjoy them too.

See the track list below and the revised art above.

In addition to the two-CD version, Billy Talent will be reissued in Canada on red and yellow vinyl on Record Store Day's Black Friday event (November 29).

Billy Talent 10th Anniversary Edition

CD 1:

1. This Is How It Goes
2. Living in the Shadows
3. Try Honesty
4. Line & Sinker
5. Lies
6. The Ex
7. River Below
8. Standing in the Rain
9. Cut the Curtains
10. Prisoners of Today
11. Nothing to Lose
12. Voices of Violence  

CD 2:

1. This Is How It Goes (Demo - Toronto, Canada 2002)
2. Living in the Shadows (Demo - Toronto, Canada 2002)
3. Try Honesty (Demo - Toronto, Canada 2002)
4. Line & Sinker (Live at Nova Rock Festival - Burgenland, Austria 2007)
5. Lies (Acoustic - 2004)
6. The Ex (Demo - Toronto, Canada 2002)
7. River Below (Live at the Orange Lounge - Toronto, Canada 2007)
8. Standing in the Rain (Live at Metalworks - Mississauga, Canada 2010)
9. Cut the Curtains (Demo - Toronto, Canada 2002)
10. Prisoners of Today (Demo - Toronto, Canada 2002)
11. Nothing to Lose (Live at Phillipshalle - Dusseldorf, Germany 2007)
12. Voices of Violence (Live at Norwegian Wood Festival - Oslo, Norway 2008)